Why a career at e-days?

Be part of a great team

Here at e-days we have built a team of hard-working, enthusiastic individuals who help us constantly strive to achieve more. We recognise that to keep progressing and growing as we have done, we need to remain fresh and relevant and that drive comes from each valuable team member. As a team, we work together to achieve the best results possible in order for the business to develop.

Have an opportunity to progress

At e-days we ask each new team member we take on where they see their careers heading in the future. We offer full support on the advancements of careers and skillsets.

We offer a £1,000 training budget for each member of staff. They can use this on whatever they think will advance their careers and grow their skill set. It’s a great way of keeping ideas fresh and up to date.

A Growing Client List…

We’re extremely proud that over the past 13 years we have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes. These include global household names such as Canon, Barclays, Lloyds Bank, Dentons, Sony Pictures & The Unviersity of Nottingham. Our client base is located in over 80 different countries across more than 1000 different organisations.

With on-going product development and new business ventures ahead, e-days is only set to grow even more in the HR marketplace.

To be a part of a growing, market leading organisation, apply for a career at e-days.

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