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Quick and Easy Leave Request & Approval. 1:45

Have a think about how long it currently takes to request and approve holiday within your organisation.... then watch this video.

Extracting Critical Data Using Reporting Tools. 4:40

A look at the incredibly powerful reporting tools within e-days, and how exactly you can extract the critical data you require with ease, condensing day long tasks into minutes.

Best practice sickness management. 3:07

The video below outlines the very best practice sickness management that all organisations should be aiming to achieve.

e-days Minimum Staffing Level Webinar.  28:49

View our recently hosted best practice for minimum staffing levels webinar in all its glory! Hosted by software consultant Gabby Paramore.

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Next Steps 

Hopefully our demo videos have given you a little taste of exactly what e-days has to offer your organisation.  

From booking and approving holidays in seconds, managing employee sickness in an efficient and GDPR complient way and extracting business critical data into useful reports, e-days has you covered. 

So lets talk about next steps;

If you like what you've seen, we'd recommend a one on one online demo with one of our team. 

If you're keen to get stuck in yourself and get a feel for e-days, click the Free Trial button above and our team will send over log ins to your own personalised e-days system.

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