Self-service staff holiday planner

Holiday planning for employees

The e-days staff holiday planner empowers employees to request their own holiday online using a staff holiday planner interface that is so simple and easy to to use it requires no user training.

The system consolidates staff holiday planning and monitoring into one simple process, providing direct 24/7 access to holiday entitlement balances, shared staff holiday calendar, online booking forms and more

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Holiday planning for managers

The system gives senior management a bird’s eye view over staff holiday, allowing organisations to significantly improve the efficiency of staff holiday planning. e-days staff holiday planner features like booking alerts, one-click request authorisation and shared staff holiday calendars streamline holiday management processes.

This helps significantly reduce the time and resources required to administer staff holiday leave.

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Holiday planning for HR

Traditional paper based staff holiday planner processes are prone to errors and confusion and are typically costly and time consuming.

e-days automates holiday planner processes, calculating carry over, tracking accrued holidays, updating entitlement records and populating staff holiday calendars, resulting in reduced administration burden and improved control of staff holidays.

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Online holiday booking

Staff submit requests online

Using e-days staff holiday planner booking portal, employees can submit requests quickly and easily online. Online booking forms capture the information required by the organisation's holiday planner policies, providing a time-stamped record of all holiday planning requests against each staff members profile.

Once holiday requests are submitted, e-days automatically generates email notifications to managers and authorisers. e-days provides a clear, accurate process for recording staff holiday, reducing the workload on management - it's staff holiday planning made simple.

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Managers authorise with a simple click

The e-days holiday planner generates automatic request notifcations to managers for approval. Email alerts contain request details, a snapshot of the team calendar and a quick one-click authorisation option, allowing holiday requests to be managed direct from email without having to log in to the e-days system each time.

Once approved or declined, the system automatically notifies employees via email, updates the request status on the employee’s dashboard and populates shared holiday calendars, for more efficient staff holiday planning.

Holiday Booking

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e-days calendar

Shared calendars

See who's off at a glance

Shared staff holiday planner calendars show staff when colleagues are in or out of the office and when they have holiday booked. Calendars are updated in real-time helping staff to co-ordinate leave requests to improve their chances of having holiday approved by managers.

Team calendars aid holiday planning, allowing managers to manage personnel resources to ensure they are optimally utilised, identify clashes and staff shortages and highlight potential issues with upcoming staff holiday leave.

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

Users have the option to synchronise staff holiday planner calendars with local calendar applications like Outlook and Gmail. This is done at the user level in a simple one-click process, making staff holiday planner information available across all devices.

Data from e-days is then automatically fed into Outlook every time a 'send & receive' update is performed, meaning staff have access to real-time holiday planner data without the need to access the e-days system directly.

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Manage viewing restrictions

User permission settings provide the ability to restrict who sees who in shared holiday planner calendars and what absence types display to whom. This allows organisations to control the visibility of absence data, providing staff with access to information required for more informed decision making.

Hover over functionality provides additional information about any holidays displayed on shared calendars and e-days offers the flexibility for managers and HR to access staff records directly from the e-days calendar.

Automated staff records

Holiday entitlement balances

Holiday entitlements are automatically calculated and updated when staff holidays are taken. e-days staff holiday planner tracks holiday entitlement balances across different working patterns and calendar years, displaying used/remaining balances on user dashboards. This means staff remain informed, allowing them to plan holiday leave without delay or phone calls to HR.

For managers and HR, e-days staff holiday planner provides a clear overview of all staff holiday entitlements, days taken, days left and other information regarding staff leave, allowing them to plan projects and resources accordingly. 

Carry over and accruals

The flexibility of e-days staff holiday planner allows the system to be configured to manage company holiday management processes such as holiday carry-over, accrued leave, training days, weekend working, bank holidays and part time workers.

Unlike spreadsheet and paper-based system holiday planner systems, e-days manages these processes automatically, significantly reducing the administrative resources required for staff holiday planning and increasing the accuracy of staff holiday records.

TOIL, Overtime & flex leave tracking

e-days staff holiday planner can be configured to track overtime worked or time off in lieu (TOIL) earned, displaying earned, used and remaining allowances on user dashboards.

If required, e-days flex leave tracking allows users to upload any bought or sold holiday leave from the organisation's flexible benefits system into e-days. For more information about these optional features, submit an online enquiry >