Self-service staff holiday planner

For Employees

e-days staff holiday planner enables employees to request their own holiday online, using a simple and easy to navigate interface that requires no user training.

Our system consolidates employee holiday planning and monitoring into one simple process, providing direct 24/7 access to holiday entitlement, shared calendars & online booking forms.

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For Managers

e-days gives senior management a complete overview of staff holiday, improving efficiency of holiday planning.

e-days features, such as booking alerts, one-click approval and shared calendars streamline holiday management processes. 

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For HR

Outdated paper and spreadsheet holiday management is prone to errors & confusions, as well as being time consuming.

e-days automates and replaces these processes, calculating carry over, tracking accrued holiday, updating entitlement & populating staff calendars.

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Online holiday booking

Staff submit requests online

Using e-days booking facility, employees submit requests quickly and easily online. This booking information is captured and sent off to the relevant authoriser for one-click-approval.

Managers authorise with a click

As mentioned above, a request is generated and sent to managers for approval. Email alerts contain request details, a snapshot of the team calendar and a quick one-click authorisation option, allowing holiday requests to be managed directly from email.

Once approved or declined, e-days automatically notifies employees via email, updates the request status and populates shared holiday calendars, for more efficient staff holiday planning.

Holiday Booking

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e-days calendar

Shared calendars

See who's off at a glance

Shared holiday planner calendars allow staff to see when colleagues are in or out of the office and when they have holiday booked.

Having an overview of a teams calendar allows managers to identify clashes and staff shortages as well as highlighting potential issues with upcoming staff holiday leave. 

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

Integration is a key feature of e-days, staff holiday calendars from e-days can be integrated into existing email providers like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Data from e-days is automatically fed into the email provider, meaning staff can access real time holiday data without having to sign in to e-days.

Manage viewing restrictions

e-days shared calendars feature can be easily customised to ensure users can only see the calendars of staff you want them to see, as well as keeping personal information such as sickness absence private and confidential.

Automated staff records

Holiday entitlement balances

e-days show entitlement balances across different working patterns and calendar years, displaying used/remaining balances on user dashboards. Each time a holiday is booking, the system is automatically updated to show the change in entitlement, ensuring no overbooking is made.

For managers and HR, e-days provides a clear overview of all entitlement, days taken, days left and other information relating to staff leave, allowing them to plan projects and staff resourcing effectively.

Carry over and accruals

e-days is flexible enough to be configured to manage all planned absence processes, such as holiday carry-over, accrued leave, training days, weekend working, bank holidays & part time work.

Unlike outdated paper and spreadsheet systems, e-days manages all the processes listed automatically, significantly reducing admin resources needed for absence management and ensuring accuracy of records for payroll & HR.

TOIL, Overtime & flex leave tracking

e-days can be configured to track overtime worked or time off in lieu (TOIL) earned, automatically adding these hours/days on to an employees holiday allowance if required.

e-days flex leave tracking can also allow users to upload any bought or sold holiday leave from the organisation's flexible benefits system into e-days if required. For more information about these optional features, submit an online enquiry >