Centralised system

Record staff sickness absence

e-days sickness tracking system allows companies to manage sick leave and report staff sickness quickly and securely online each time a staff member is absent.

The flexibility of e-days staff sickness management system allows employees to report all sickness absence types accurately in different categories, allowing organisations to easily understand different causes and types of sickness absence.

Reduce sickness absenteeism

e-days improves staff sickness management processes, giving organisations clear insight into the extent and causes of staff sickness to help reduce absenteeism throughout the organisation.

By streamlining sickness management processes using e-days sickness tracking software, organisations can greatly reduce the amount of unaccounted absences. Improved sick leave monitoring and Bradford Factor tracking have proven to discourage absenteeism by up to 20%.

Track sick leave trends

e-days sickness management software provides managers and HR with calendars, sickness reports and Bradford Factor scores to help manage sick leave, track staff sickness and see who’s off when and why, instantly in real-time.

As a web-based sickness tracking system, e-days provides HR staff with time stamped, historically accurate and indisputable sickness records for reference and evidence in the event of disputes.

Improve sickness management efficiency

e-days sick leave software automatically updates staff sickness records and pre-populates online return-to-work forms each time sick leave is recorded. The sickness management system can also be configured to send email alerts to HR and management to notify of absence.

As an online sick leave reporting system, e-days significantly reduces human error, system abuse and the time usually spent manually managing spreadsheet and paper-based systems.

Automated sickness records

Automated Sickness Reports

Record sick leave online

e-days allows organisations to manage staff sickness, record new sickness absences and bring historical absence data online, to provide a bird's eye overview of employee sickness records over the last 12 months. Self-service access gives staff direct access to view personal sickness records 24/7, removing the need for emails and phone calls to HR.

Track employee sickness details

The e-days sickness management system allows for the creation of unlimited sickness types to be logged against individual staff records. Each absence type has a set of rules associated with it, including whether or not it affects holiday allowance or contributes to a sickness level, and e-days automatically updates an employee's sickness records each time managers record sick leave.

Communicate sickness absence company-wide

e-days sickness tracking system can be configured to notify managers and HR via email when specific absence types are reported (i.e. accident at work, unpaid leave etc.), facilitating clear communication of sickness absence around the organisation. This allows organisations to accurately monitor medically certified leave, lateness and AWOL in addition to standard absences such as holiday and sickness.

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Web-based sickness forms

Automate return-to-work forms

e-days generates pre-populated self-certification and return-to-work forms, allowing staff to document and record sick leave quickly and efficiently each time employees are off sick.

Using e-days sickness management system, organisations have access to fully traceable sickness records, giving administrators, managers, supervisors and staff greater access and control over managing sick leave and other types of unplanned absence.

Customise workflow processes

Sickness forms and return-to-work processes can be customised according to company-specific requirements, allowing organisations to formalise sickness management processes and sick leave reporting procedures according to company policy.

Sickness management forms can be designed to reflect any paper-based forms currently used, allowing organisations to use e-days sickness reporting system to standardise sickness management company-wide.

Increase efficiency and compliance

e-days sickness tracking software streamlines sickness management processes into a simple online solution, replacing cumbersome paper-based forms with web-based sickness reporting processes that improve reporting accuracy, increase staff productivity and company-wide compliance.

Time-consuming manual administration tasks are reduced, delivering productivity gains for staff at all levels.

Bradford factor calculator. Track employee sick leave with ease.

Automate Bradford Factor scoring

e-days automatically calculates the Bradford Factor score for all employees over a rolling 52-week period, making patterns of sickness absence easy to spot and address. It's sickness management made easy.

Flexible sickness tracking functionality, allows specific types of absence to be included or excluded from Bradford Factor calculations, turning a complicated and time consuming manual process into a quick and accurate automated process.

Display Bradford Factor scores to staff

e-days sickness management software automatically displays personal Bradford Factor scores on user’s profiles, enabling organisations to easily communicate Bradford Factor scoring to help educate employees about the impact of taking unnecessary short-term sick leave.

Organisations can choose to show the Bradford Factor score to employees, managers or HR only, ensuring scores remain private and protected.

Alert Managers and HR

e-days provides managers with real-time Bradford Factor scores, generating automated warnings when an agreed trigger point is exceeded. This allows managers to identify problems proactively and to monitor staff sick leave more accurately.

With Bradford Factor tracking all absence records are subject to the same, indisputable criteria, giving managers the confidence to use Bradford Factor scoring to tackle problem absenteeism.

Generate real-time sickness reports

Accurate sick leave recording and powerful reporting lets users create reports on absence rates and trends across different individuals, teams and locations to help understand the impact of sickness absence on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

The system also provides the functionality to assess the extent and cost of sickness absence and lost working time, allowing organisations to identify problem absenteeism and highlight cost-saving opportunities.

Monitor sickness with graphical interface

The graphical ‘front-end” interface includes management action lists and calendars, which when combined with powerful administrative features like reporting, alerts and exports help turn time-consuming, manual data analysis into a simple task.

With e-days management has a far greater understanding causes for sick leave and sickness absence problems across the business, allowing organisations to take a more proactive approach to managing staff sickness.

Export reports and integrate across systems

Report results can be exported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis or used by payroll. Alternatively, the e-days sickness management system can be configured to integrate with other HR software systems like PeopleSoft, SAP and Oracle.

Reports can be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and users can subscribe to have reports delivered directly to them via email.