Staff sickness tracker & management

Managing sickness absence couldn't be easier with e-days

Features Include:
  • Simple online staff sickness monitoring & tracking
  • Monitor unplanned absence with trends & alerts
  • Sickness reporting dashboard & analytics
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Easy to use online sickness absence tracking

As a sick day tracker, e-days allows organisations to manage staff sick leave and report staff absence quickly and securely online.

The overall flexibility of the system allows employees to report exact sickness type accurately in a selection of different categories. This enables organisations to get a better understanding of exactly the type of sickness absence incurred, from short term to managing long term sickness absence.

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Integrated sickness monitoring through absence triggers, alerts & trends

Management has the ability within e-days to set up alerts when a sickness is logged, set absence triggers on Bradford Factor scoring when an employee hits a pre-set limit.

Managers can also track absence trends through e-days comprehensive absence reporting features, allowing them to spot and address potentially costly patterns of absence.

You can also use e-days to manage your employees holiday. With e-days’ holiday management software you can have a full overview of absence and leave trends within your organisation.

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Customised return to work forms

e-days can generate custom self-certification & return to work forms, allowing staff to accurately document staff sick leave quickly and efficiently.

These forms are customisable according to specific company requirements, allowing organisations to formalise their processes according to their policy.

Having a return to work after sickness plan, and a safe cloud based system to store them in helps businesses comply with best practice absence management as well as storing sensitive employee data safely to help with GDPR compliance.

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Automated sickness reporting & analytics

One of e-days key USP’s is the ability to generate and schedule sickness and absence reports quickly and easily, cutting the time of a once laborious monthly task from days to minutes.

Accurate staff sick leave recording and powerful insights let users create reports on absence rates and trends across the organisation on an individual, team and location basis. Thus helping understand the impact of sickness absence on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Users can also access the functionality to track the cost of sickness absence and lost working time, allowing organisations to identify problem absenteeism and highlight cost-saving opportunities.

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Find out how much sickness absence is impacting your business today

The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that calculates a score for each employee by applying a relative weighting to his or her unplanned absence. Designed around the principle that repeat, short-term absence has greater operational impact, higher scores represent increased disruption for the organisation.

e-days automatically calculates the Bradford Factor score for all employees over a rolling 52 week period, making patterns of sickness absence easy to spot and subsequently address.

Organisations can choose to display the Bradford Factor score on employee dashboards, manager dashboards or simply just HR team dashboards ensuring scores remain private & protected.

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"Reporting functionality is used to show clearly which departments need to focus on employee engagement and wellbeing when it comes to sickness absence"

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"Gone are the paper forms, inaccurate reporting and confusing hours spent rummaging through half dog-eaten paper trails."

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