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Up to 50 employees



Billed annually

Leave tracking & absence management HR essentials

  • 1 administrator
  • Multiple locations
  • Employee self service
  • Employee absence profiles
  • Leave entitlements
  • Planned leave tracking
  • Unplanned leave tracking
  • Team calendar views
  • Mobile access
  • Online training
  • Email only support

Any size team



Billed annually

Complete leave tracking, overtime, TOIL & absence management

all Compact features

  • Up to 5 administrators
  • Telephone support
  • Auto entitlement calculations
  • Year-end entitlement carryover
  • Overtime & TOIL management
  • Customisable reporting
  • i-Calendar feed (Outlook, Gmail)

Any size team



Billed annually

Deeply customised solution for your business

all Standard features

  • Up to 10 administrators
  • Reporting folders & scheduler
  • Company branded emails
  • Customised absence forms
  • Custom absence alerts
  • Bulk user updates
  • Approval delegation
  • Calendar events
  • Outlook exchange integration
  • Single-Sign-On

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Scalable for Global rollouts

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Pricing FAQ's

How do I know which Edition is right for our business?

We’ve worked hard to provide different options for customers based on their specific needs and demands from the system.

Your e-days specialist will discuss your requirements with you and will help you select the right option for your company.

Given that e-days is not an expensive system, most customers opt for the Professional Edition.

Is there a fee for getting setup?

Yes, a one-off setup is charged to ensure a successful outcome for your e-days roll-out. e-days is configured by an e-days implementation specialist to match your company’s specific requirements.

They undertake detailed requirements gathering and a data collection exercises in order to ensure the setup of e-days is accurate to your company needs.

The setup specialist also provides online systems training for your internal admin team so it can accurately manage e-days for your company post go-live.

The work performed at setup is essential to allow your ongoing effective usage of e-days.

What is the setup process?

Every new e-days customer is allocated an e-days implementation specialist. Enterprise sized customers are also allocated an e-days project manager to co-ordinate more complex global roll-outs.

Each setup involves a requirements gathering exercise where we ask you about organisational hierarchies, reporting lines, entitlement schemes, working patterns, carry-over policies, calendar views etc.

Each setup also involves a secure, GDPR compliant data collection process where are team will ask you to populate our Excel templates for an initial data load of your employees’ data.

Once our team has used your requirements to configure your e-days system, it will migrate the data and then run a system walk-through with you. Online training is then provided via screen-share/conference call.

Your team will have a chance to run its own internal checks before then pushing the system live to your employee population.

How long does setup take?

Smaller companies can usually expect to go-live with e-days within 28 days of supplying their e-days implementation specialist with accurate employee data.

Larger firms, or those with global roll-outs or third party systems integrations will have a project timeline agreed between them and e-days.

How does the free trial work?

After you’ve had an online demo with your e-days advisor, they will provide login details to your very own e-days system for you to evaluate in your own time.

The trial system has dummy employee data held within it – to ensure it’s a safe environment for your trial.

The trial logins can be shared by you to your internal decision makers. Your e-days advisor will be happy to provide supplementary online demos and will be on-hand to answer any questions during your trial period.

The trial period is usually for 14 days and gives you peace of mind by allowing you to fully test the system out before making your decision.

What is the billing frequency?

Year 1 usage is charged up front, and annually thereafter.

How is support handled?

e-days operates with a dedicated administrator support function. This team is targeted on customer satisfaction.

The team is available via email, phone, and via the e-days client management system.

Customers also have benefit from an online help portal built into the e-days system, and a separate client management team.

How is data kept secure?

e-days is fully GDPR compliant. The system is designed to ensure data subject requests are easily handled.

To find out more about e-days and GDPR compliance, visit our dedicated page HERE