e-days has the ability to carryover employee holiday entitlement to the new holiday year if required by company policy.

Carryover rules can be customised to only allow a maximum number of days to be carried forward, for example if an employee has ten days left but the ruling is a maximum of five, e-days will only carry five over.

TOIL and Overtime

An optional feature within e-days, useful for a variety of organisations, is the ability to track TOIL (Time of in Lieu) and Overtime.

e-days allows employees to keep track of their TOIL and Overtime, and has the ability to add any TOIL or Overtime directly onto an employee’s leave entitlement, allowing them to spend this extra allowance as and when they need to and as part of their normal leave booking process.

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HRIS Integration

e-days is focused on becoming the best absence management software around, making it the perfect add on to HR systems lacking in an adequate absence management function.

Our API integrates with all the key HR system providers, make an enquiry to see how adding e-days on to your existing software will provide you with the complete package.

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Multiple Absence Types

e-days is fully customisable when it comes to the type of absence your employees may need to log, some organisations may have really specific absence types that are unique to them and e-days can accommodate this.

Whether you offer a training budget to employees and need a ‘Training’ absence type or you have a high percentage of staff who ‘Work from Home’ or are ‘Attending an event’ e-days allows you to create these types.