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Your team is out of the World Cup: How will you manage flexible working now?

Authorby 26 June, 2014

After all the anticipation ahead of the World Cup, it is a huge blow when your country is eliminated.

Bosses around the globe will have introduced flexible working policies to accommodate the World Cup, but do they even matter once their team is knocked out?

Staff will have enjoyed being able to leave early to catch their team in an early kick-off and the buzz of the tournament could have a positive impact on morale. Many fans will have been aware their team's chances of winning were low and will now be looking forward to watching the tournament as a neutral. 

Why not continue offering flexible working and examine the results? If staff are comfortable with their new hours and productivity is strong, there is no reason to revert back to normal practices.

Will you watch games in the office?

One potential solution to the World Cup is to allow people to watch games in the office. Live streaming services from the BBC and ITV are available in web browsers, making it easy to see the action during the working day. However, check first if your region requires a valid TV license to watch live broadcasts.

There is no reason why trusted employees shouldn't be able to balance the football with their tasks at hand.  Why not allow members of your team to watch the game and track the productivity?

If the football is hindering their performance, turn off the football for good. It's as simple as that.

A recent Doodle from Google highlights the attitude of many staff at the moment. The animation shows employees taking part in a meeting and quickly turning on the football when the manager is out of sight.

Rather than forcing employees to stealthily watch the action, why not embrace it with open arms?

Embrace the World Cup to improve morale

Away from the games, the World Cup can help to provide a significant boost to the office atmosphere.

Perhaps allow staff to wear football kit in the office, or decorate your desk with memorabilia to introduce football fever to your workplace.

Another option could be fundraising. Why not put together a World Cup sweepstake and donate all the proceeds to a charity?

Your organisation could use the World Cup to improve morale and improve the lives of others!

The team behind our absence management software have been getting into the World Cup spirit by launching the World Cup Quiz. Complete the quiz today and find out the kind of football fan you are.

Image source: Warenski 

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