In today’s technology driven world, it’s hard to believe that paper-based business systems still exist. Countless business processes, from payroll to resource management, can be efficiently carried out using automated online tools, rather than manually performing these tasks using paper forms and spreadsheets.

However, when it comes to managing employee holidays and unplanned absences, a huge amount of organisations are still using manual processes, rather than investing in a time and cost-effective online holiday planner. The main reason for this is that many organisations believe that they can achieve the same results using a paper method as they can through an automated system.

So why should you should ditch your unreliable paper process for an online holiday planner?

The new e-days whitepaper gives a full break-down of all the benefits you can receive by switching your manual process to an online system. Here are a few of the reasons why an online holiday planner should always be considered over a paper-based process:

Manage more than just holidays

Along with helping to increase employee productivity, an online holiday planner such as e-days will equip you with all the tools you need to manage holidays and other unplanned absences such as sickness, effectively and efficiently.

Create high-level reports for future decision-making

An online absence system can help you accurately calculate any unplanned absences by combining precise sickness data with monthly reporting for payroll. The high-level dashboards and reporting features will allow you to even reduce levels of employee absenteeism by identifying reoccurring issues, allowing for preventative measures to be put in place for the future.

Save more money than you will invest

Employee absenteeism can cost organisations over £600 per employee per year (The CIPD, 2014). Switching to an online system is an investment that could potentially save your business thousands in bottom line costs. You can find out an estimate of how much you can save by using the e-days savings calculator.

When it comes to managing your employee’s annual holidays and tracking their unplanned absences, an online holiday planner is an essential business tool. While spreadsheets and paper-forms may initially seem like the cheapest method for managing absence, an online system such as e-days can save more time and money for your entire business from the date of implementation and into the foreseeable future.

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