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Warning: Winter is approaching!

Authorby 09 November, 2012


Say goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter!

Your company motto should be: Be proactive, not reactive.

We all know the results of last year’s extreme weather. People snowed into their homes. Cars abandoned. Minus-silly-degree weather.

And then there was the impact on companies. In fact, it was reported that 1/10 companies were ‘seriously’ impacted by the extreme weather conditions.

Sure, some problems are unavoidable. Staff sickness due to the flu-season. Staff cars snowed in. No public transport running. Thus, staff cannot physically get into work.

Ultimately, the biggest impact most companies will notice is absence of staff.

So, what can you do to avoid this disruption? It’s simple: Be prepared.

Are you prepared?


Your premises themselves. This should be first on your agenda.

They need to be winter-proof. Stock up on grit. Bleed the radiators. Fill in any holes in the walls. You know the drill.

Your staff need to be safe and comfortable at work. So, don’t jeopardise this by cutting corners in prepping your premises for winter.


Second on your to-do list: Ensure your building insurance is up-to-date.

This way, any damages that may occur from extreme weather conditions will be covered.


And last but not least, create contingency plans in case staff are unable to get into work.

They may not be able to get into work for a number of reasons. But whatever the reason may be, prepare and plan for it.

An example might be a call centre issuing remote handsets to some of their staff to take home and use if they can’t get into work. This way, staff are still able to be productive even if they’re not physically in the workplace.

Use of online systems may also be of benefit. Our product, e-days, can be remotely accessed from any internet-enabled device. Thus, staff can book their holidays and record their sickness from home without any need to be on your company’s intranet/network.

Good Luck

Extreme weather is forecast to hit later this month. Make sure you’re ready for it!

Good luck! And let us know how you get on.

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