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Top tips to help staff cope with flooding

Authorby 05 March, 2014

The UK has suffered its wettest winter of all time, bringing nothing but misery to the country's residents.

Met Office records show that the UK has experienced 517.6mm of rain, beating the previous record of 485.11mm in 1995 and flooding properties throughout the country.

The first and foremost concern is the safety of individuals, but it is also key for managers to be considerate and sympathetic to those who are dealing with flooded properties, as they may need time off to help repair their home and begin living their life again.

Flexible working?

Depending on the severity of the flooding, some homeowners may have been relocated temporarily, or could be living at the home of a friend or family, potentially increasing their usual commute to work. To help with this, investigate the possibility of flexible working. If they have a secure, fast internet connection in their home, they may be able to complete projects without stepping out of the house.

Start a fundraiser?

In times when employees are struggling with flooding, every little penny will help their life to return to normal, which is why a fundraiser could give people the extra assistance they need to be back on their feet.  Every little helps, so even a collection pot could bring a smile to the face of workers while they try to get back on their feet.

A fundraiser presents a great opportunity for staff to do something adventurous.

Why not ask staff members to take part in a run to raise money, or perhaps go skydiving? These events could boost morale in your team, establishing a close-knit office atmosphere in the process.  There are even video game marathons for employees to sign up for, so even couch potatoes can raise funding.

Remember to track absence 

Employees who are having to deal with flooding deserve the utmost sympathy from managers and colleagues, but it is important that absences are tracked appropriately.

e-days makes it possible to create automated sickness records, while the reasons for absence can also be viewed with ease. This way, managers can decide whether the time off affects holiday allowance and prepare for the rammifications it will have on resourcing. After all, preparations need to be made for absences longer than a few days. 

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