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Bosses urged to fork out for jubilee weekend

Even though it is not compulsory to do so, employers are being encouraged to offer paid leave for the extra bank holiday. There is a fear that this will annoy & demotivate employees, thus outweighing the benefits of the extra day in the office.

Employers pay the price for novice new year fitness fans

Failed fitness plans that employees took on for their new year resolutions are the cause of some sickness absence in the workplace. Musculoskeletal injuries are known to be the biggest causers of long term sickness absence so this is concerning.

Uncomfortable employees cost UK businesses £52 billion per year

Employees who can’t get comfortable at their desks could be costing businesses on average £3279 per person per year. The fidgeting & rearranging to get comfortable has a direct impact on productivity & thus, this downtime costs you as a business.

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