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Single sign-on: Solving the password headache!

Authorby 12 July, 2013


"Incorrect password. Please try again"

It's the message of doom when it comes to crunch time with work projects. We've done all the prep work and simply need to upload our assignment but our memory lets us down.

Employees now have to remember multiple passwords and, with people holding more social media accounts than ever before, the time spent logging into accounts every day eats into resourcing.

Of course, it's possible for passwords to be re-sent to emails, but the elusive word will only be forgotten again.

"It's okay, I can write it down. Oh, wait…"

An obvious solution would be to write down passwords before sticking them to a computer monitor. Sounds effective, right?


Leaving passwords in the public domain could present a severe risk to your privacy. While you may trust your colleagues, many people use the same passwords for financial and work accounts.

Therefore, simply writing down your password poses a risk.

Luckily, single-sign-on offers the perfect solution.

Single sign-on: the perfect remedy for security woes

Single sign-on (SSO) makes it possible to log on to multiple accounts with one password, saving significant time and allowing for increased efficiency.

What's more, there are no sacrifices in terms of security, meaning that confidential information is fully protected under one, easy-to-remember password.

The resourcing benefits of SSO

• No time spent re-issuing passwords – company-wide password resets can be a thing of the past.
• Less strain on the administration department – calls regarding password issues are totally eliminated.
• Simplified integration of new workers – have recruits start working on the network right away.
• Faster amendments to network features – want to install new software? You can log on with ease and don't have to worry about scouring through old inboxes to dig up passwords.

Take advantage of SSO with e-days

The e-days staff holiday planner comes provided with a SSO option, making it easy for staff to log in and out of internal platforms without worrying about forgetting their password.

The amount of time that can be saved through SSO is remarkable, allowing staff to focus their skills on other areas within the company.

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