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Restructure resourcing with e-days

Authorby 10 January, 2014


At the moment, administrators spend a proportionate amount of their day sorting through emails relating to absences.

It often takes two or three emails for an absence to be recognised by a senior member of a team and, since staff cannot be relied upon to always be at their desk, it could take hours for a response.

While this is happening, admin specialists will be forced behind with their duties and employees will be given extra cover to complete later in the day, potentially pushing their own projects behind schedule.

It's not very fun, really, is it? Over time, these breakdowns in communication could have an adverse impact on morale, and it could all be solved with the installation of e-days.

Give your team hours of extra time

In the modern climate, many companies are being forced to push their team to the brink in order to reach a deadline.

Typing ferociously to meet a deadline at 4:59pm on a Friday will be a struggle for even the most motivated employee, which is why e-days self-service function could be so beneficial.

Rather than taking time away from vital work to request time off, the holiday planning software allows staff to have their requests approved without disruption. This allows for significant improvements to productivity.

As well as this, admin managers can spend their time on more productive long term projects, helping out other members of the team to make last-minute frantic typing a thing of the past.

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