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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: A 4-day weekend… or longer?

Authorby 11 May, 2012


It’s almost here… The weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 60 years of the Queen’s reign and we’re celebrating over an extended weekend between 2nd and 5th June.

But with most of us having the Monday and Tuesday off work with no effect on our holiday entitlement, there’s a strong temptation to book off the days that follow.

Why?Well, it gives employees the chance to take a long break from work with little effect on their annual holiday entitlement.

However; a number of issues can arise from this increase in holiday requests. The issues are likely to include:

  • The need to maintain minimum staffing levels
    • How do you decide whose holiday requests to authorise and whose to decline? Is it a matter of first come, first served? It’s important that your staff feel this has been decided in a fair and accurate way.
  • Sick days shooting up following the bank holidays
    • How do you manage this? How do you compare sickness absences to determine a fair way to take action?

These issues, amongst others, are one’s that must be considered in the run-up to the Jubilee weekend (or any other bank holiday).

e-days offers a range of tools to help you manage such scenarios and avoid problems that result from them.

Fact 1: Absence costs companies money. Fact 2: Save money by managing it properly.

Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable team members to discuss your absence issues.

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