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The e-days team have joined together to bring you the ‘best of’ news in staff absence and HR, in general.

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Employers refuse staff time off to attend dental appointments

Less than half of employees are given paid time off to attend appointments for the dentist, a study shows. This is becoming an increasing issue as figures indicate that 2 million people have taken sick leave from work due to poor oral health over the last 5 years.

Long term illnesses costing businesses 3.1 billion

Study shows that people taking time off sick due to long term illness is costing businesses £3.1 billion each year.

Olympics Causing High Volumes of Annual Leave Requests

Employers warned to beware of an influx of annual leave requests over the next month due to the start of the Olympic & Paralympics Games.  The study also shows that many employers are offering generous working patterns to accommodate this during this period.