Lapland is now more popular among UK holidaymakers, with trips to Lapland increasing by as much as 12 per cent this year.

Traditional winter breaks are also becoming more common, including the Northern Lights, where holidaymakers are treated to a flurry of naturally stunning, colourful lights, according to the research from ABTA, the Travel Association.

Winter wonderland-style breaks are also in demand for couples, including activities such as reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobiling and ice fishing.

With ABTA proving the increasing popularity of winter holidays, managers may need to prepare for even more requests in the coming weeks.

ABTA Head of Communications, Victoria Bacon, said: "Festive breaks have been growing in popularity in recent years and travel companies have really responded to this with the wide range of holidays and activities now on offer. 

"A real trend ABTA is seeing is holidaymakers looking for experience led holidays and these festive getaways are a fantastic opportunity for people to create long-lasting memories."

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