Easter Eggs

It will soon be Easter: the only time of year when a 100g chocolate egg is an acceptable breakfast choice.

Come Easter Sunday, our five portions of fruit and veg are swapped for five delectable chocolate servings, while a 4-day weekend provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

As well as stretching our waistlines, the Easter break stretches staff resourcing and can become a stressful time without absence management solutions. The four-day break allows employees to enjoy a week off by only taking 3 days of holiday, so managers should be wary of how many absences they have over the time period.

Another potential issue is illness. A four-day weekend could leave staff feeling worse for wear on the Tuesday, piling further pressure on an already stretched team.

Replace spreadsheets with e-days this Easter

The most common method of recording absence is through spreadsheets, but this is a problematic approach and is vulnerable to costly mistakes. Team members who face difficulties booking their holiday could suffer drops in morale at a time of year when bosses want them performing to their maximum ability.  

e-days takes the stress out of this with a self-service holiday planner, allowing employees to input their days off themselves without digging through a cluttered inbox to find approval emails.

How long do you spend searching through your inbox to check holiday dates? With e-days, that wasted time is eliminated and all annual leave dates are viewable through a fast, accessible interface.

Catching out repeat offenders

As mentioned, Easter is the perfect time for staff to "pull a sickie" due to the long four-day weekend. Some of these absences will be genuine but, thanks to the automated sickness records provided with e-days, managers can start identifying ill-stricken individuals from those who are looking for an extra day of rest after a few too many beers.

If certain employees are found to take time off around bank holidays repeatedly, it could be time to talk to them, present e-days data and come to a solution. 

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