You've entered the office, logged onto your email account and received a flurry of emails, making your already busy day even harder to handle.

The phone rings.....

"Sorry, I can't make it in today."

After resisting the urge to pull your hair out in a frantic rage, there are two ways to solve this problem.

Option A: Tackling the problem in-house

Step 1: Send an email to the individual's department manager to inform them of the absence.

Step 2: Find a spreadsheet to note the absence and ensure the activity is logged.

Step 3: Await the employee's return, email them with a form for them to return with reasons for the absence.

Step 4: Add the explanation to the absence spreadsheet.

Step 5: Yawn and think about the cup of tea you no longer have the time to make.

Option B: E-days!

Step 1: Record the day off in the e-days absence management program.

Step 2: Wait for the employee to fill out the automatic return-to-work form electronically before monitoring their sickness records.

Step 3: Take your time making a fantastic cup of tea.

Bonus features of e-days

e-days has a variety of features to ensure it is tailored to a number of different businesses and ways of working.

• Advanced rotas: these reflect any type of part-time or non-standard working patterns.

• Groups: users can be placed into particular groups along with standard teams, enabling deeper levels of customisation.

• Alerts, absence reports and triggers: single notifications and conditional alerts can be sent out to warn managers when they are on the brink of being over-resourced.

• Bulk update functions: use e-days to make changes to groups of users simultaneously, enabling significant time savings.

photo credit: bark via photopin cc