We’re proud to say that e-days has become a truly global product. With a recent system expansion into the Brazilian office of one of our existing clients, e-days is now used in every continent around the world. To be more specific, e-days is being used in 67 countries worldwide, including a host of countries that wouldn’t immediately come to mind. Of course, staff in every corner of the EU use e-days and it’s benefitting companies in most major cities across the US, but employees are also experiencing improved absence management processes in Taiwan, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Macau.

So why is this? We believe it’s because e-days has a range of highly flexible settings including:

  • Public holidays by country
  • Organisation structure by country
  • Custom absence days by country
  • Flexible calendar views, flexible permission settings, flexible rotas and more…

And if that isn’t enough, e-days is also available in multi-language. e-days really is ready to take on the world!