e-days is proud to announce the launch of its Manager Dashboard to all clients.

This dashboard is available to all managers using the system & offers an all new calendar view and action list.

It also consists of a number of widgets. Examples of what these widgets show are as follows:

  • Current & recent unplanned absences
  • Current & upcoming planned absences/holidays
  • Remaining staff holiday allowances
  • Staff sickness list showing staff with sickness instances, displayed in descending order

The dashboard offers a high level of flexibility as it is highly configurable. Managers can decide what is displayed and what isn’t by adding & removing widgets. They can decide where the widgets appear on the page through a drag-&-drop facility. They can also decide on the number of staff records that show on each widget.

All of the above demonstrate that e-days manager dashboard has been designed to suit the needs of every manager.

We hope our e-days managers enjoy their new, sophisticated feature!