2015 has been one of the most exciting years for e-days, and as it draws to a close we’re taking a moment to look back on the triumphs, the obstacles and ultimately celebrate our most prosperous year yet.

New image

 The e-days website has always been a hive of activity and information and in summer 2015, the website received a brand new look. Revamped graphics, updated copy throughout and shiny new animations as well as a fresh and contemporary style have all made the new site more appealing and engaging for users, ensuring it’s ready for 2016. The site has still retained old favourite features like the Savings Calculator and the Bradford Factor Assessor as well as some new ones like the animated homepage banners and an extensive FAQ area. Take a look at our handy work here.

The launch of e-days5

The e-days site refresh came hot on the heels of another huge step forward for e-days; the launch of our latest and most sophisticated software, e-days5. e-days5 was rolled out throughout the year to clients, and extensive testing and gathering of client feedback has allowed us to make this the most user-friendly and intuitive version of our software yet. Our team of software consultants and support technicians have worked tirelessly this year to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible and we’re thrilled with the results.

Client growth

 We’re excited to announce that thanks to e-days5, the number of e-days users has boomed this year and gone from around 109,000 in 2014 to almost 140,000 at the end of this year! That means we’ve been able to grow by 22% in just 12 months. The team here at e-days has worked hard to ensure that all our users are happy and getting the high quality service they’ve come to expect. We’re proud to say that we now have more than 700 global clients and that e-days is used in over 80 countries worldwide.

Bigger team

Our client base is not the only thing which has grown this year! We know that the success of e-days relies on the happiness of our team and we’re pleased to have added 5 hardworking and talented members to this years’ team. The great news is that they’ve naturally fitted in to the office atmosphere, and helped our team towards hitting their goals each month. We’re delighted to have had such a stellar team to help us celebrate the successes of the year. To see them in action, you can book a demo with one of our lovely software consultants today!

e-days turns 10!

Finally, 2015 was a very special anniversary for us; e-days turned 10 years old this summer! We’re hugely proud of everything we’ve achieved in the past 10 years and look forward to introducing the system to even more businesses all over the world. If you’d like to find out more about using e-days, feel free to download a brochure or even book a free trial, and in the meantime we want to thank all who helped make this year special and wish everyone a wonderful festive season and a prosperous new year!