e-days has now attracted over 75,000 users, marking an outstanding achievement for the absence management platform.

The system is accurate and easy-to-use, making staff holiday planning a simple task for businesses that would otherwise be left facing spreadsheets and daunting amounts of data.

e-days ensures that workers can benefit from self-service access to booking forms, entitlement balance and shared calendars, allowing them to track staff absence and manage absenteeism in an effective, practical manner.

And, now, more than 75,000 customers have turned to e-days in a bid to organise the holiday demands of their workforce and keep track of unplanned days off.

e-days records all days of sick leave, allowing HR managers to identify trends and quickly take action to stop absenteeism from affecting their productivity.

Thanks to the solution, a large number of businesses are now able to scrap old-fashioned measures and instead use a dependable, flexible piece of software that has the potential to transform their productivity.

Hundreds of business contacts are also using the expert team at e-days to assist them with all of their queries, guaranteeing complete support even after the product is installed.