e-days was developed after 12,000 man-hours and five years of work, but the team's efforts do not end there.

Our specialists are striving to improve the system even further, with new features continually being released to boost the experience of HR teams.

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• e-days has taken around 12,000 man-hours and 5 years to develop.

• Development is on-going, so new features are continually being released.

• It’s hosted in a secure data centre environment.

• It can be securely accessed from anywhere, including smart phones.

• e-days has practically no impact on all the other IT systems or the IT workload.

e-days also has a number of features that would be difficult to build into an in-house system:

• Advanced Rotas – reflect any type of part-time or non-standard working patterns

• Groups – assign users to Groups as well as standard teams

• Alerts and Triggers – from simple notifications to conditional alerts that take into account multiple variants

• Bulk Update tools – make changes to groups of users at the same time.