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Act Now Before the Summer Holiday Stress Begins

Authorby 20 April, 2015


The summer season is fast approaching and with longer, warmer days ahead, surely this can only mean good news for everyone?

For managers however, this time of year can be a challenge. This is because the majority of your workforce will want to take at least some annual leave during the summer months. Employees with small children will likely want to use up their holiday entitlement throughout July and August. Likewise, those without the school holiday restrictions might also want to take time off to enjoy the British summer weather.

Balancing staffing levels in any business can be a difficult task during this busy time. Most managers will experience an overwhelming number of holiday requests and no easy way to manage them.

Here are some of the ways an online holiday planner can help with summer staff absence:

Minimum staffing levels

Being understaffed is the number one concern for organisations when summer approaches. Unknowingly authorising conflicts in staff holiday time is an easy mistake that manager’s make time and time again.

Automated absence systems solve this issue by applying minimum staffing levels to each booking. This feature automatically notifies managers when staff bookings might leave them understaffed. What’s more, settings can be applied so that staff holiday requests are automatically rejected if they clash with other booked holidays.

Shared team calendars

Holiday clashes can be reduced if staff have complete visibility. Shared calendars give staff a real-time view of their organisation’s holiday bookings. This ultimately helps staff to avoid booking holidays at the same time as others.

Improve communication across your organisation

Simply having a holiday booking system in place will help when it comes to summertime. To further avoid an understaffed office at this busy time, staff should be encouraged to take their holiday entitlement throughout the year and not all at once. Good communication to staff about when your organisation’s busy periods are will help to avoid multiple holiday requests at once.

A great internal communications strategy, combined with an online holiday management system such as e-days, is the best solution to solving the stress of staff summer holidays.

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