Manager Features

Email approval

Managers receive email alerts each time absence is booked, providing full request details and a one-click authorisation process. Once approved confirmation is emailed to the employee, making absence administration quick, easy and hassle-free.

Team calendars

Online calendars provide managers with a quick overview of upcoming staff absence, enabling staff resources to be coordinated in the most efficient way to minimise the impact of time off on business performance. 

Manager dashboards

User dashboards provide managers with a snapshot of absence activity across their team and direct access to employee records. Each dashboard can be customised to display outstanding requests, upcoming holidays, sickness alerts and more.

Automated alerts

Automated absence alerts notify managers when pre-defined trigger points are met, such as Bradford Factor scores and absence clashes or when specific absence activity is logged, providing managers with the insight to proactively manage staff absence.

Absence reports

Real-time reports provide managers with instant insight into absence rates, absence types and absence costs across their teams. Scheduled reports allow data to be delivered straight to managers and HR via email. 

Sickness forms

In-built medical and return-to-work forms allow staff to document sickness absence online and store it securely against individual records. This helps standardise absence recording processes to ensure records are accurate and up-to-date.