HR Features

Self-service records

Staff have direct access to their real-time absence records 24/7, reducing reliance on HR for general absence and entitlement queries. HR staff have more time for other duties, without compromise.

Entitlement tracking

e-days automatically tracks used/remaining entitlement balance for different working patterns and calendars years, accurately adjusting individual records according to specified rules for carry over and accruals. 

Custom set-up

Each system is configured to replicate the organisation's structure, HR policies and working practices. e-days can be integrated with your other HR systems, customised with a colour branded interface and accessed via single sign on (SSO).

Online forms

Integrated holiday and sickness forms allow organisations to standardise reporting procedures and administer time off quickly and efficiently with an accurate time-stamped audit trail of all absence activity.

Reports and alerts

Automated alerts, which can be configured to notify managers and HR staff via email when specific absence is logged, and powerful reporting/analytics funtionality provides clear visibility of staff resources and absence trends. 

Online database

All absence arecords are securely stored online, providing HR teams with access to historically accurate absence records, 24/7, without the need for manually updating and circulating static spreadsheets.