Features overview

Staff features

e-days online leave planner software provides a clear and accurate online process for booking and recording staff annual leave.

A shared online staff leave planner calendar shows staff when colleagues are absent and self-service records allow employees to view used/remaining annual leave entitlement and monitor the status of holiday leave requests. Plus, the staff leave planner is accessible 24/7.

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Manager features

e-days staff leave planner software and leave planning system gives managers a bird's eye view of holiday leave entitlements, sickness absences and other annual leave planning information.

Managers can use web-based leave planner calendars and reports to track employee leave, identify workforce leave clashes, staff shortages and potential issues with upcoming staff holiday leave.

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HR features

e-days staff leave planner software streamlines leave planning processes, reducing the need to manually track annual leave requests and complete time-consuming leave planning administration.

Powerful leave planner absence reports and automated alerts allow HR staff to track annual leave and manage staff absences in an effective manner in order to maximise staff productivity and efficiency.

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System features

As a fully featured online leave planner and annual leave tracking software there is nothing to download or install. e-days staff leave planner system can easily be scaled to meet the demands of almost all organisations regardless of their size and complexity.

All security, development and support requirements are managed by the e-days technical team and each e-days staff leave planner implementation is highly customisable to reflect the specific staff leave planning and employee leave tracking processes of each organisation.


Full feature list

The e-days annual leave planning system is designed to control all the days where staff are absent from the company including staff annual leave, training days and employee sickness leave.

e-days staff leave planner and online leave planning functionality helps deliver a simpler, more accurate alternative to spreadsheet and paper-based leave tracking systems. Organisations can plan staff leave more effectively with advanced functionality such as overtime tracking, time off in lieu, holiday carry over, Outlook calendar integration and more.

Staff planning made simple

Provides on-demand staff leave planner information

e-days online leave planner securely stores all staff annual leave details in a web-based leave planning system, providing staff with direct access to view holiday leave information and annual leave entitlement at the touch of a button.

With e-days staff leave planner, all leave requests and approvals are updated automatically within the system and automatically generated workflow reminders notify authorisers so that staff leave planner requests are never missed.

Real time, on-demand staff leave planner and employee leave tracking information creates a culture of efficiency, allowing staff to keep their minds firmly on their other job responsibilities.

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Simplifies leave planning and increases productivity

e-days employee leave planner software substantially minimises the time required to manage and track annual leave by allowing staff to view annual leave entitlement, see remaining holiday leave and book annual leave online, without any delays or phone calls.

All staff leave requests made using e-days online leave planner generate automatic emails to absence authorisers with a quick one-click authorisation process.

Once approved e-days populates shared leave calendars automatically, providing seamless staff leave planning processes that result in significant productivity gains throughout the organisation.

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