Tracking and reports

Can absence be recorded and requested in hours?
Yes. e-days allows you to configure all absence types to be recorded in hours, days or half-days, with customisable settings for different working patterns (i.e. shift work, part-time staff etc.) Find out more about e-days absence management features. 
Does e-days calculate the Bradford Factor for staff absence?
Yes. If enabled e-days automatically calculates an on-going Bradford Factor score for every staff member, and if turned on, can display live scores on users individual profiles. If you do not use the Bradford Factor, this feature can be turned off at the click of a button. Take a look at the e-days Bradford Factor page for more information.
Can we manage any type of leave or absence?
Yes. e-days allows you to track any type of planned (e.g. holidays, maternity leave, medical appointments, business trips, TOIL etc.) or unplanned absence (e.g. sickness, compassionate leave, unpaid leave etc.) in a single system. You can also create custom absence types specific for your organisation and define rules for how these are to be used and recorded. Explore e-days shared calendar screenshots to see how these are recorded or learn more about holiday planning and sickness management.  
Can e-days replace our return to work paper form?
Yes. e-days provides online forms that allow you to document your return to work process and store this information securely against individual staff records. Now managers have instant access to historical absence data and supporting documentation for return to work interviews. Learn more about how e-days helps manage staff absence
How flexible is e-days in terms of adding custom absence types?
e-days supports all custom absence types, allowing you to add as many types as you'd like and define rules for how these are to be used and managed. This is just one example of the flexible features e-days has. For a full list of tracking features, see the full list of e-days features. 
Can I easily identify trends in employee absence?
Yes. e-days powerful analytic features allow managers to generate comprehensive absence reports at the click of a button and export the data to excel for further analysis. A reports dashboard providers managers with a graphical overview of absence trends via graphs and charts that track cost of absence, absence types, absence levels etc. across teams and departments. Now you can better understand absence for more informed decision making. Learn more about e-days absence leave management system.
Will the system alert me if any absence triggers occur?
Yes. You can configure system alerts to trigger if specific absence conditions are exceeded and automatically notify specified individuals via email immediately. Find out more about e-days absence management software. 
Can staff access their records at any time?
Yes. As a web-based system, e-days can be access 24/7 meaning staff always have access to their absence records and online staff holiday booking process. And, authorised users can export specific absence data from the system at any time. Explore more benefits of e-days.

Users and requests

Can the system manage public holidays for different locations or countries?
Yes. All annual public holidays and company grace days can be managed separately by location or department. See staff holiday planning features. 
Can e-days handle staff who works on shift patterns?
e-days caters for all working patterns, allowing you to assign rota patterns on a individual, team or department basis. With e-days you have the flexibility to manage part-time and rotating shift patterns in a single system. All entitlement balances are pro-rated and tracked accordingly. 
Can HR have visibility of all employees’ availability?
Yes. Senior management (or any employee with correct permissions) can have full visibility of all employees’ absence by direct reports, peers, department, team or company-wide. Viewing permissions can be configured and changed at any time by your system administrator. 
Can I restrict the absence information staff can see? 
Yes. Access levels for employees can be controlled and managed easily by your system administrator, allowing you to specific the people and level of details users can see in shared calendars. With e-days you have the flexibility manage multiple levels of access across your workforce. To learn more, explore e-days user features. 
What is the difference between the three types of users within e-days?
1) Users: have the ability to submit time-off requests, view their summary page, and the company calendar (restrictions may be applied on the calendar). 2) Authorisers: have all the functionality of an employee, as well as the ability to approve/reject/cancel time-off requests made by employees that report to them. They also have access to log sickness absence on behalf of employees and generate absence reports for the members of their team. 3) Administrators: have full access to the system, allowing them to edit staff records, amend user settings and manage system-wide configuration (including the purchasing of new licences). 
Can we enforce all leave requests to have a mandatory notes/additional details field included?
Yes. You have to option to set the comment/note field to be optional or mandatory, allowing you to control the information required when users submit time-off requests. To see an example of our standard request form, visit our screenshots page, and click on the 'holiday booking' tab. 
Can absence requests be seen by other managers and employees?
By default, employees can only see the details of their own absence requests and managers can only see request details of the staff that report directly to them. Administrators can see the request details of every users. However, the system can be configured to display specific absence requests on shared calendars, with individual user viewing permissions that ensure staff only see the correct request details across their team/department. Learn more about holiday planning and absence management in e-days. 
Can administrators and managers submit absence requests for certain employees/managers?
Yes. Both administrators and managers have direct access to absence records for staff they have permission to view and can submit, edit or cancel requests on behalf of staff members. As per the standard request process, any requests made on behalf of another staff member are automatically sent to the nominated approver for authorisation.
Is it possible to restrict staff from submitting partial day requests?
Yes. You can restrict users from submitting partial day absence requests, or if enabled, you can restrict requests for only morning or afternoon on a particular day.
Is there a way to prevent users from submitting duplicate time-off requests on the same day?
Yes. Managers have the ability to set 'minimum staffing level' across teams and departments, which allow you to prevent staff shortages during peak periods. Absence clash alerts are automatically generated if a staff members request for time off breaches rules for minimum staffing levels.
Can we restrict the information that is tracked on shared calendars?
Yes. Controllable viewing permission allow you to restrict the level of detail or absence types that specific users are allowed to see on shared calendars. You can also control which staff are visible in shared calendars (i.e. team, department or company-wide). For an example of how this works, see the e-days screenshots page and click on the 'shared calendars' tab.
Are staff able to log their own sickness instances?
No, by default, only managers have the ability to log sickness absence on behalf of staff members. However, this is a flexible feature that can be customised to work the way you do. If required, staff can have access to log their own sick leave instances. And, as standard, any sickness absence logged generates an automated alert to the relevant line managers and, if required, HR. Find out more about staff sickness management in e-days. 


What is required to set e-days up?
Not much. Because e-days is accessed through a standard internet browser, it doesn't require any software downloads. The system is securely hosted and maintained by us making it extremely to setup remotely. All we require from you is your staff data and current absence records and we'll take care of the rest. 
Can e-days be configured to synchronise with Outlook calendars?
Yes, e-days offers an iCalendar export facility (ics file) and these files can be seamlessly imported into any web-based calendars to feed absence information into your personal calendars automatically.
Could we implement the system across multiple sites worldwide?
Yes, of course. As a web-based system, e-days provides the flexibility to work for multiple office locations, no matter where in the world you are. All staff require is internet connection and access to a web browser.
Does e-days support multiple department and organisation levels?
Yes, e-days is highly flexible. We'll configure your system to mirror your organisational structures, allowing you to set up teams, departments and cross-functional work teams, specifying authorisers and approvers for each employee to replicate your organisational hierarchy. With e-days you can set up unlimited teams and your system administrators have the control to manage set-up at the click of a button.
Can data be extracted for use with other 3rd party systems?
Yes. A number of our clients have data from e-days feeding into other systems with data being exported from e-days by CSV. We've already integrated e-days with payroll and time attendance system as well as products like SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.
Can you add customised features specifically for me?
Yes we can. e-days has been designed to be as flexible as possible and our standard solution provides the majority of our customers with everything they need. However, if there is a special feature that you would like developed we can certainly develop it for you. To discuss this further, send us an enquiry or contact us directly on +44(0)115 950 0101.
Does e-days support mass/bulk updates for certain information?
Yes. Our 'Bulk User Update' tool can be used to update user records on mass or amend specific absence settings across the organisation.
Can we add company holidays in shared calendars so all the users can see them?
Definitely! Your system administrators can add in company-wide holidays or amend public holidays and set these to display on every users calendar. You can also set rules for mandatory holiday leave and specific which users these apply to (i.e. 3 days mandatory leave for Christmas shutdown). 
Does e-days handle holiday accruals ?
Absolutely. In e-days holiday accruals can be setup differently for each users and scheduled to run daily, weekly, every x month, every 2 weeks or semi-monthly - indefinitely, until allowance is full, or until a certain date. In addition to having different accrual intervals, you also have the option to accrue balance by hours, days or a percentage.
Can we manage absence across different calendar / fiscal years for each of our users?
Yes. Each user can have their own personal calendar year settings, allowing you to manage new starters or part-time employees easily. And e-days automatically pro-rates all holiday entitlement according so there's no time consuming and complicated manual calculations required. To find out more, see holiday management system features. 
Can your system handle length of service accruals?
Yes it can. Our 'long service award' feature allows you to automatically allocate additional entitlement allowance for staff based on their length of service at the company.

Technical specification

Where is my data stored and how secure is it?
Your data will be securely stored on company owned servers based in a secure data centre in London and all data is protected with SSL encryption, multi-level password protection and advanced firewall security. For further details on data security, please contact us on +44(0)115 950 0101.
What level of infrastructure security is provided on the hosted server?
Physical security is handled by our data centre provider. The site is manned by security guards 24x7 and full CCTV and all available physical security and availability safeguards are in place. Should you require further details, please contact us on +44(0)115 950 0101 or submit an enquiry
Is the information stored and transmitted in an encrypted form?
Yes, all the data in the system is transmitted using SSL encryptions.
Does e-days support mobile devices?
Yes, e-days has been developed to work across all mobile and tablet devices with a fully responsive mobile design.
What do I need to use e-days?
As e-days is a web-based system, there is no software to download or install. You simply access your system online using your personalised system URL. We provide a fully hosted solution that takes care of all the server, backup and maintenance requirements
Can we link e-days into Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars?
Yes. e-days calendars can be synchronised through 'iCal' subscriptions with any web-based calendar service such as Outlook, Gmail etc. Personal and team calendars can be integrated into Outlook at the click of a button
Can the system interface with other HR or Payroll systems?
Yes. e-days provides full absence data export capabilities that allow you to automatically feed accurate information into payroll, time and attendance and ERP systems. We've also integrated e-days with other software products provided by SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and more. 
Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?
Yes, of course. Your data is backed up every night and we can perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our hardware is also fully redundant so even if one disk fails nothing will be lost. We guarantee system uptime of over 99%.
How often is e-days updated?
e-days is always being updated with new features and system upgrades to ensure your system is as efficient and robust as possible. All upgrades are included in your annual subscription, meaning you'll always have access to the latest version without any additional costs to worry about. 
What is SSL? Will it keep my communications absolutely secure?
SSL, which is an acronym for "Secure Sockets Layer", is a cryptographic protocol that provides security for communications over networks such as the Internet. SSL allows e-days to communicate between your computer and our server in a way designed to prevent fraud, eavesdropping and tampering. It's the same technology used by banks and e-commerce websites.
What languages does e-days support?
e-days is currently available in 14 languages including; English, US English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Greek and Russian. However, if you require the system in another language we can arrange for full translation of the user interface and supporting guides/manuals. To discuss this further, please get in touch or contact us on +44 (0)115 950 0101.
Which countries have you implemented e-days in?
We currently supply e-days to customers in over 65 countries worldwide including: UK, USA, Bermuda, Germany, Austria, Finland, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia and more. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, e-days has no boundaries, meaning it's possible to access e-days anywhere with internet connection.


Subscriptions and pricing

Is there a fee if we wanted to end our subscription? 
e-days is offered on an annual subscription basis, meaning charges are made up front for an initial 12month period and renewed annually. At the end of your annual subscription, if you do not wish to continue with e-days, there are no exit fees. Simply get in touch to let us know. 
How much does e-days cost?
e-days is purchased as an annual licence according to the number of employees using the service in your organisation. The cost of e-days includes free hosting, data backup, upgrades, phone and email support. There is a one off set-up fee that covers full system set-up, custom configuration and administrator training. To receive a pricing quote, visit our pricing page and submit a quote request. 
Are there any termination fees or hidden fees we should know about?
Absolutely not. We've tried to make our pricing as transparent as possible. There is an initial set-up fee to configure the system to work the way you want and then you simply pay annually on a per-user basis. There are additional charges for some of our premium features (e.g. colour branding, single sign on (SSO), systems integration) but all support and system upgrades come as standard. Visit our pricing page for more information. 
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. e-days is delivered on an annual basis. There are no long term contracts, meaning you renew your subscription every 12months. If you decide not to renew, there are no termination fees incurred
How is e-days licensed?
We supply access to e-days on a per-user basis, meaning that any employee whose absence you wish to track must have a licence. We also supply 'leaver's licences' for any employee who leaves your organisation but still requires a record of absence on file. Licences can be added or removed online at the click of a button. To find out more about pricing for your organisation, request a quote or call +(0)115 950 0101.
How does the e-days free trial work?
If you're interested in e-days, our 14-day trial is a great place to start. Once a member of the team has shown you around via an online demo, you'll have full access to the system. By default, trial systems are set up with a few of your staff members details, allowing you to see how e-days could work for you. To try e-days for free, register for a free trial.
We've set up a lot of data in our trial period. Will we lose all that data when we go live?
Definitely not. If you decide to go ahead with e-days we can easily transfer your trial data to your live account if required. During set up a member of the e-days support team will work with you to upload all staff and absence data and configure system settings to the way you work.
How can I cancel my plan?
To cancel a trial system or your full e-days account, simply call us on +44(0)115 950 0101 and we can deactivate your account.