e-days allows healthcare and biomedical organisations to break down silos of processes and information, providing an single streamlined solution to managing staff absence and holiday entitlement across a geographically disperse workforce often with different working patterns.

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Why e-days?

  • e-days aggregates clinical absence data across your organisation providing a detailed, holistic views of staff availability.
  • By automating absence proccesses , e-days allows you to reduce staff time spent adminsitring time off.
  • e-days offers a comprehensive, fully integrated absence solution that standardises holiday and sickness management.
  • Absence reports provide improved business insight, allowing you to identify service issues and optimise business performance.
  • As the most the most flexible absence system on the market, e-days can be configured to work according to industry specific requirements. 

Customers success stories


Using the e-days online solution has allowed our managers and staff to save a great deal of time, allowing them to request and approve absence in seconds!

Head of Operations, Public Health England


e-days helped streamline our manual, labour intensive processes and accommodated our new compliance requirements”

HR Compliance Officer, Coloplast

e-days helps firms to...

Manage workforce planning

e-days allows you to set rules for minimum staffing levels, allowing you to meet legally required minimum staff cover levels, during peak periods. 

Improve regulatory compliance

Instant absence reports provide high-level insight into absence across your organisations, allowing you to monitor staff compliance with HR processes.

Store absence data securely

As a secure absence database, e-days stores and protects sensitive absence & HR data using multi-level password protection and secure data encryptions.

Identify problem absenteeism 

Integrated Bradford Factor tracking allows you to monitor the impact of absence and alerts managers when trigger points are exceeded. 

Monitor staff resources at a glance

Shared calendars, with permission-based viewing, provides managers with a consolidated view of staff absence for more informed decisions. 

Streamline holiday booking

Online booking forms make it quick and easy to request time off, providing an efficient time-saving solution that standardises procedures across multiple sites.