Bradford factor scoring

e-days has the ability to carry over employee holiday entitlement to the new holiday year if required by company policy.

Carryover rules can be customised to only allow a maximum number of days to be carried forward, for example if an employee has ten days left but the ruling is a maximum of five, e-days will only carry five over.

Custom absence types

The formula for the Bradford Factor is E x E x D = B Where E is the number of episodes of absence and D is the total number of days absent in a rolling 52 week period.

Calculate Bradford factor score

Use the calculator on the right to calculate a Bradford Factor score.

(Number of occurrences in last 52 weeks)
(Total number of days)

Bradford factor tracking

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The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that calculates a score for each employee by applying a relative weighting to his or her unplanned absence. Designed around the principle that repeat, short-term absence has greater operational impact, higher scores represent increased disruption for the organisation.

e-days automatically calculates the Bradford Factor score for all employees over a rolling 52 week period, making patterns of sickness absence easy to spot and subsequently address.

Organisations can choose to display the Bradford Factor score on employee dashboards, manager dashboards or simply just HR team dashboards ensuring scores remain private & protected.