Why e-days

It's easy to use

Ready to go

The e-days staff holiday app is simple to use and can be launched organisation-wide within 7 to 10 working days. Users have direct access to a comprehensive library of online user guides allowing users to get started right away. 

Quickly adopted

Because each solution is configured to meet the specific requirements of the organisation, e-days can be introduced to work seamlessly alongside current systems, meaning it is often quickly adopted by staff who appreciate a quicker, simpler and more efficient way of managing time off.

  • Self-service

    Private login lets staff view absence records and book holiday leave anytime.

  • Simple navigation

    Navigation tabs guide users through their absence records effortlessly.

  • Simple forms

    Online absence forms allow you to document all absence activity online.

  • Graphical display

    User dashboards provide real-time graphical summary of absence records.


Real time data

Automated records

Each time absence is requested, approved and used the e-days app updates staff records, recalculates entitlement balance and populates calendars so absence data is always up-to-date. 

Global access

As a web app, e-days tracks and stores all data online, providing staff with instant access to absence records 24/7 from any PC, tablet or mobile device wherever they are.

Shared calendars

Online calendars remove the need to manage spreadsheets and wall-charts, providing clear visibility of staff resources for more efficient staff holiday planning.

To find out more, explore e-days app features for holiday planning and managing sickness absence.

Powerful features

The e-days absence management app saves time, increases productivity and improves efficiency from day one.

  • Holiday booking

    Request holiday online and e-days automatically notifies line-managers.

  • One-click approval

    Manager email alerts provide one-click authorisation direct from email.

  • Bradford factor scoring

    Automatic bradford factor scoring helps identify problem absenteeism.

  • Automatic notifications

    Email alerts notify managers & HR when absence is logged or requested.

  • Single sign on (SSO)

    Signs into e-days directly from your company network login.

  • Custom absence types

    Create custom absence types and define rules for how these are managed.

  • Overtime and TOIL

    Track overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) against individual records.

  • Outlook integration

    Synchronise e-days absence data with any web-based calendars.

Global solution

Global reach

As a fully-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) app, e-days delivers a global solution that can be deployed worldwide at the click of a button and scaled to meet the needs of any organisations regardless of size or location.

Systems integration

e-days can be configured to synchronise with other HR systems and has already successfully been integrated with payroll software as well as products like Sap, Oracle, PeopleSoft and more.

Enterprise-grade security

Strict data protection policies, advanced firewall security and strong encryption methods provide a layered approach to protecting organisation's proprietary, business-critical information, delivering a highly secure solution. 

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Excellent service

Nothing is outsourced - our experienced Customer Care team provide every client organisation with continued support.


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