e-days screenshots

User dashboards

  • Personal calendar Quickly view approved and pending absence request details with hover over functionality.
  • Self-service 24/7 access to entitlement balance and sickness records reduces reliance on HR for simple queries.
  • TOIL & Overtime Display an up-to-date breakdown of used and remaining records on staff profiles if required.
  • Bradford Factor Track automated scores on user dashboards to help educate staff about the impact of unplanned absence.
  • Notice boards Easily communicate with all employees used message board displays on user profiles.

568 User-Dashboard

840 Manager-Dashboard

Manager dashboards

  • Team calendar View previous and upcoming staff absence activity at a glance for more effective resource planning.
  • One-click authorisation Save time administering requests with one-click approval direct from manager action list.
  • Sickness alerts Proactively manage absenteeism with automated alerts that highlight regular sickness instances.
  • Staff records Access staff records directly from the calendar or ‘staff record quick links’ for full access to absence data.
  • Drag and drop Customise dashboard displays to showcase the most important absence information required.

Shared calendars

  • Bird's eye view Plan staff resources more effectively with an instant overview of all upcoming staff absence.
  • Team calendar Allow staff to see who’s off across any teams they are authorised to view, with hover over feature for more detail.
  • Custom absence types Track all absence types and control which absence instances are displayed to whom on shared calendars.
  • Outlook integration Synchronise e-days with web-based calendars like Outlook and Gmail for information across all devices.



Holiday booking

  • One-click submission Online booking removes the need for paper forms, reducing absence administration at all levels.
  • Mandatory fields Specify the details required for each type of request to ensure adequate details are always provided.
  • Email approval Authorise requests directly from automated email notifications with a one (or two) click approval process.
  • Request status Review the status of requests and receive email confirmation when approved without having to contact HR.

Sickness records

  • Sickness record Managers can easily view all previous and on-going sickness activity for staff who report to them.
  • Sickness booking Record sickness and unplanned absence, specifying type and details of absence from pre-defined drop-down options.
  • Open absence Identify on-going sickness as ‘open absence’ and configure alerts to remind managers when further action is required.
  • Restricted access Easily control which types of sickness and unplanned absences are displayed on shared calendars.



Reports and analytics

  • Reports dashboard Access pre-configured graphical reports to better understand the true impact of absenteeism.
  • Reports filters Segment your data toinstantly compare absence rates and cost of lost working time across teams and departments.
  • Scheduled reports Easily configure reports to run automatically on a regular basis and have them delivered direct to managers and HR via email.
  • Export to Excel Save time mining data and formatting complex spreadsheets with one-click exporting functionality.