About e-days

Improve staff leave management with web-based access

e-days leave management software streamlines employee leave management processes, allowing organisations to manage staff leave (including holiday leave, annual leave, training etc.) and analyse employee leave patterns to deliver efficiency gains company-wide.

e-days multifaceted leave management software reduces admin time, reporting errors and absence abuse in addition to making gains in employee morale and workload management. Accessible from any standard web browser, e-days lets staff submit leave requests online and view leave balance, whilst providing managers and HR teams with powerful leave management reports to track employee leave information - and all from a single centralised online leave management system.

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Simplify leave management admin with automated processes

e-days online leave management software eliminates leave management paperwork. All employee leave requests are instantly sent to managers for approval and then, once approved, leave information is automatically updated on staff leave calendars. No paper forms to file and process.

Managing annual leave across the organisation is simple. System administrators can add new staff, flag staff as leavers, add new locations, add absence types etc - all in a few clicks of the mouse.

As a fully hosted software as a service (SaaS) leave management solution, all Security, data confidentiality and system maintenance is all handled by us, removing the need for expensive internal IT resources.

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Why e-days

e-days online leave management software makes managing staff leave and tracking annual leave entitlement a simple, accurate and precise process. As a web-based leave management system all security, data confidentiality and system maintenance is handled by us.

Employees can request holiday leave, track annual entitlement and log sickness leave on any internet enabled device, improving leave management efficiency and helping to reduce absence rates.

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e-days Screenshots

e-days employee leave management system and online staff leave manager is intuitive and user-friendly. The system provides users with a simple and easy to use web-based leave management solution for requesting holiday leave and managing annual leave entitlement.

Powerful, online leave management system features include; sickness leave management, overtime tracking, time off in lieu, holiday leave carry over, Outlook calendar integration and more.

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About e-days

e-days is a highly effective, web-based staff leave manager and employee leave management system, that allows companies of all sizes worldwide to track and manage annual leave easily and securely.

e-days leave management software is owned, managed and developed by Senior Internet, a specialist web application development company who have more than 10 year's experience of developing HR leave management software.

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e-days features

e-days is an extremely flexible online leave management software, making it ideal for almost all organisations regardless of their size and complexity.

The e-days staff leave manager tracks all types of planned and unplanned employee leave in an easy to use, web-based leave management system. Each e-days implementation is highly customisable to reflect the specific leave management processes and needs of each customer.

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Industry solutions

The strength and versatility of the e-days leave manager and staff leave management software caters to the niche needs and demands of a wide range of industries and businesses. The software offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional staff leave management spreadsheet and paper-based systems.

e-days allows organisations of all sizes to keep track of employee leave more efficiently and reduce the cost and time spent managing planned and unplanned staff leave.

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