Absence management for US clients

e-days self-service absence management software is used by companies across the United States to help improve employee vacation tracking and absence management.

The employee vacation tracking software provides a central online location where employees can request vacation. e-days automatically sends vacation requests via email to managers for approval, updating the system and team calendars with just the click of a button.

System features include Outlook and Gmail integration, corporate branding, SSO (single sign-on), multi-language options, customised alert emails and network security so your staff views can be restricted depending on team, location or position.

With e-days, organizations are able to manage and track employee vacation more efficiently, helping to save administration time and resource. Spreadsheets and paper-based systems are replaced with e-days software to provide a more efficient, streamlined method for managing employee vacation and leave.

Key benefits for US clients:

  • Vacation policies – e-days can be tailored to meet the current employee absence policies in your organisation.
  • Public and Federal Holidays – e-days is fully customizable in terms of employee vacation entitlement for public and federal holidays
  • Accrual processes – Employee vacation can be accrued over time or full entitlement can be awarded at once to use throughout the year.
  • Team calendars - Employees can view other scheduled vacation in the calendar before requesting their own vacation, preventing multiple staff members from taking the same time off.
  • Responsive – e-days software works across all devices with no install necessary allowing managers and employees to track vacation and absence in the workplace or on the go.

See e-days in action:

e-days is an award winning absence management system and staff holiday planner, designed to make your life easier when it comes to staff absence for employees, managers and HR.

e-days provides a shared online staff calendar to give visibility over when colleagues are absent. The self-serving records allow employees to view their entitlement and monitor their holiday requests. Managers are provided with an detailed overview of holiday, sickness and absence to track empoyee leave. This helps managers identify leave clashes, staff shortages and potential staff holiday issues.

e-days staff leave planner software streamlines leave planning processes, reducing the need to manually track annual leave requests and complete time-consuming leave planning administration. See e-days in action with either a free trial, or free demo today.

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