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Top 5 ways your HR processes can improve workplace happiness

Authorby e-days 10 November, 2016

Implementing a HR strategy can not only improve your efficiency, it can also improve your HR process which in turn leads to increased awareness of staff wellbeing. This helps towards a happier working environment for all. It all starts with simple HR processes, like tracking employee leave effectively.

Here are 5 essential steps towards a happy workplace...

  1. Employees feel like they’re being looked after

It may not seem like much, but having someone on your side is a valuable feeling for any employee. Streamlined HR procedures and guidelines can help nurture a feeling of security in one’s job, which in turn can boost staff morale as they feel wanted and worthwhile in the workplace.

- How e-days can help...

Annual leave is just one benefit companies offer and can often be a make-or-break incentive to join a company. Implementing a system where your HR team is in control means holidays can be encouraged and unplanned sick days aren’t granted grudgingly, but as an understanding that sometimes people get ill.

  1. A feeling of fairness is fostered

According to the latest report from the CIPD, one of the biggest causes of absence from the workplace is the management style. Encouraging a fair working environment; ensuring your employees are appreciated and treated equally according to their contributions to the company is a fail-safe way to ensure employee happiness.

- How e-days can help...

e-days can make sure your team are using their annual leave which is completely in their hands. They can check how much allowance they have left and keep tabs on how much they’ve used, how much they have left and whether they have been paid accordingly, giving them full clarity over holiday entitlement.

  1. Career advancement can be achieved

This article from fortune.com states that a lack of career advancement is another reason why an employee might abandon ship. Having a HR strategy in place ensures you are able to have a clear record of their entire absence history at the company.

- How e-days can help...

HR managers often live their professional lives through paperwork. e-days’ fully online nature takes away the need for employee absence documents and files, which not only is a huge saving of resources, but means that staff have a long line of proof of attendance at their fingertips, something which can be beneficial when considering career advancement. Bradford factor scoring can also give more information on this.

  1. A place to talk is provided

According to the 2016 CIPD report, stress is the number one cause of long term absence from the workplace. The most common issue is an increased workload being placed on employees, closely followed by long working hours. Only 33% of companies are putting steps in place to tackle stress and other mental health issues with staff, such as counselling, employee surveys and improving the work/life balance.

- How e-days can help...

With e-days you can book compassionate leave and give reasons for absences. This can be an effective way of flagging to your HR management that a team member might be going through a hard time. A simple way of encouraging employee wellbeing is by offering your staff a line of communication during times of personal difficulty.

  1. Employee/management relationships are improved

One of the biggest reasons people don’t take time off work for a minor illness like a cold is because they feel guilty. The unfortunate thing is; if your employees don’t take time off from work, they can risk sharing their illness with the rest of your team. Encouraging your team to take time to recuperate if they’re ill will not only prevent a company-wide outbreak of the sniffles, it will also foster great relationships.

- How e-days can help...

Knowing that all they have to do to get in touch with their manager and book their time off is to click one button any time of the day or night opens up a valuable line of communication and tells your team that you’re listening.

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