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e-days: the 6 sector software

Authorby e-days 31 May, 2016

We’re proud to say that over the past 10 years e-days’ appeal had spread further than just Europe and is now used on almost* every continent in the world. *Sadly, we’ve yet to break Antarctica, but we’re confident we’ll get there!

This global appeal is down to the simplicity and flexibility of the software and its ability to adapt seamlessly to the needs of any organisation. The 6 global industries which benefit the most from e-days technology are:

  • Financial services
  • Professional services
  • Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Higher education

So what is it that makes e-days so translatable to different industries spanning the globe?

Financial services- these include banks, investment management companies and insurers

Companies in this industry often have specific requirements with regards to where and when their staff are absent. Companies which require staff to undergo annual audits often need each team member to have a specific number of days in a row off per year. e-days can ensure that each employee knows when to schedule these while managers can see if they have or haven’t been taken.

Professional services – including real estate, legal, accounting, consulting, recruitment

These companies can range from fewer than 30 staff members to teams of hundreds, and it’s imperative for then to know where their staff are at all times. With e-days each staff member is provided with a team calendar, so they can not only see their own planned absences, but those of their colleagues too! Great for planning the perfect time to go on holiday.

Media and entertainment – perfect for publishing houses, agencies and broadcasting

The people using e-days in this sector don’t often work within the confines of an office desk. Professionals in the media and entertainment business spend a lot of time on the road, yet still need their management to be aware of their location. Whether it’s Salford or Salzburg, as long as there’s a wifi connection, e-days is available.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals – used by pharma companies, biotech and medical devices

Time is a valuable commodity in the healthcare industry. Saving time will also ensure that administrators in hospitals and science labs have more time to spend on important work, it also means that staff can ensure they’ve booked their holidays and medical leave at the touch of a button, wherever they are no matter the time of day. An alert will immediately be sent over to administrators or line managers and leave can be confirmed in a flash.

Technology – which includes IT, data companies and marketing companies

Flexibility now is essential to the technology industry. Often IT and data companies allow employees to work any time of the day or night and they need a system which can not only record when they’re working, but ensure that their managers receive an hour by hour account of their work. e-days’ time-off-in-lieu features mean staff are able to come and go while ensuring their work is complete by the end of each period – an essential quality for a modern organisation.

Higher education – for example colleges, universities, schools, academies

Unfortunately for many education houses, there is one thing that is in very short supply: money. Therefore it’s only logical that they would chose an absence management system that is not only cost effective for the gain they’ll see but also saves them money. With annual per-user pricing that means you only pay for what you need, e-days is the sensible choice for the finance sector. On top of this we ensure that all full IT support is included so there's no additional costs to worry about.