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2016: The Summer of Sport

Authorby e-days 06 June, 2016

Every four years in the UK and across the globe most people will be swapping the sun lounger for the sofa as the Summer of Sport begins with Euro 2016! This will of course be followed by a plethora of top end sporting events climaxing with the Summer Olympics in Rio; which means that whether your employees are sentimental cyclophiles, gaga for golf or fanatical about football, chances are you’ll be needing to work your rota around a few afternoons or mornings off over the coming months.

This means you’ll need an absence management system flexible and sturdy enough for your team to book in their personal schedules with minimal effort and time. Summers with huge sporting events tend to naturally see absence levels climb, and in the run up many HR experts, as illustrated in this article from GoodHR.co.uk, recommend that “temporary flexible working measures” should be considered. You want the most productive team possible, and that means ensuring they’re happy, free from distractions and, most importantly, present. The best way to do this is with an absence system like e-days where staff can book 30 minutes off, a few hours, or whatever they need to cover the big games, with a few clicks and you can authorise it just as fast.

A report published by the CIPD just after our last Summer of Sport in 2012 states that fewer people felt they achieved the right work–life balance during this period, a sentiment which leads to a less positive and productive attitude that can at its worst contribute to stress-related sickness absence. To combat this, many dedicated sports fans prefer working extra hard to earn and accrue time they can then spend on their recreation of choice. e-days’ Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) features offer the functionality to track overtime worked against individual user records, as well as keep an account of TOIL earned and used. Staff and administrators are presented with an accurate time-stamped account of all absence activity. This creates a well-managed working environment which is completely fair for everyone, including those who are looking forward to a summer blissfully unaware of the either emotional turmoil that comes with being a dedicated sports fan or triumphs and defeats of their colleagues’ favourite teams.

Another issue facing HR managers during a Summer of Sport like 2016’s is clashes. Turning up and finding your employee has called in sick is one thing, but coming in to work to an eerily empty office is a nightmare that can face you if you haven’t got a system to help. The e-days system allows you to flag up which roles are essential for day to day running of the company, and when more than one person in these roles apply for leave you’ll automatically receive an alert from the system. This means you don’t have to spend hours organising timetables and rotas; the information is already there at your fingertips. e-days also allows you to have a maximum number people on holiday, so people from the same team or location cannot overbook holidays.

So we’ve learnt that major sporting events need thinking about in advance where staff absence is concerned. An absence management system like e-days can reduce the admin time taken to manage requests and comes to the rescue at these busy times. Whether this summer brings too many holiday requests, overtime to make up for hours off or clashes during the big games, e-days has you covered.