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The importance of relaxation for employee attendance.

Authorby Alex Wortley | e-days15 August, 2017

5 ways cloud based absence management increases productivity.

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Monthly reporting nightmares - A thing of the past!

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Taking the stress out of holiday request rejection

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Employee Holiday Booking: A capacity pricing approach

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e-days awarded G-Cloud 9 supplier status

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Sickie levels on the rise for a quarter of companies

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Back to work after Christmas - Survival guide

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Sleep deprivation is costing the UK £40bn a year

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Ineffective management to blame for high absence, study shows

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Are your staff ready for flu season?

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Employee absence levels at lowest in seven years

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Top 5 ways your HR processes can improve workplace happiness

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Managing staff absence: 5 reasons why paper & spreadsheets aren't enough

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Staff well-being linked to productivity levels

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