About the webinar

Date: Thursday 5th October 2017

Time: 12:00 (GMT)

Expected duration: 20 minutes


One of the questions frequently posed to our team is how to break down large teams, to better manage sub-teams and reporting lines within them. the benefits of this can include allowing you to restrict calendar access to staff more appropriately, as well as the ability to configure minimum staffing levels for sub-teams, rather than the wider team as a whole. In this webinar we will walk through a practical example of how to go about this using the tools available within your e-days system.


The webinar will cover the following:

  • Introduction to the 'teams' area within the admin panel
  • Creating the required new team(s)
  • Setting minimum staffing levels for the new team(s)
  • Bulk assigning staff to the new team(s)
  • Removing no longer required team(s)
  • Setting calendar views for the new team(s)
  • Q&A


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