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Absence tracking

e-days tracks all the days where staff are absent from the company including staff holidays, training days and sickness absence:

  • Online booking forms

    Custom online forms to capture request details for holidays, maternity leave, medical appointments and more.

  • Overtime

    Allow staff and/or managers to record Overtime and track this against individual user records. Set up manager authorisation if required.

  • Custom absence types

    Create your own absence types and define how it appears on shared calendars and who can use each type.

  • Absence clash alerts

    Absence clash alerts can be used to prevent simultaneous bookings across teams if requests breach self-defined minimum staffing level rules.

  • Days or hours

    e-days provides the flexibility to book time off in hours or days, allowing you to manage staff holiday bookings across different working patterns.

  • Carryover & accruals

    Automatic carry over facility, with ability to limit maximum days allowed, track holiday leave and pro-rate entitlement balances across different calendar years and rota patterns.

  • Bradford Factor scoring

    e-days calculates and tracks Bradford Factor scores for all staff and populates sickness alerts on manager dashboards with the highest scores.

  • Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

    Record TOIL earned and used against individual user records and e-days displays remaining balance on user dashboards. If not required, this feature can easily be disabled.


Holiday planning

Online booking forms, one-click authorisation and shared calendars simplify the holiday management process:

  • Online booking

    Online forms allow staff to request time instantly, automatically alerting managers for authorisation. Simply input request details and click submit.

  • Email authorisation

    Automated emails alerts, notify managers every time requests are made, providing details of the request and a one-click authorisation process direct from an email.

  • Request status

    User dashboards provide staff with a summary of all authorised, rejected or pending holiday requests.

  • Entitlement tracking

    Once holiday leave is approved, e-days automatically recalculates entitlement balance accordingly and updates individual records.

  • Personal calendar

    Online calendars provide users with a personal snapshot of all planned and unplanned absences over a 3-year period.

  • Shared calendars

    e-days allows you to define work-groups with sight over each other’s absence calendars, providing visibility across teams and departments.

  • Viewing restrictions

    Defined viewing permission allow you to control visibility of shared calendars, restricting who sees who in the calendar and what absence types display to whom.

  • Outlook integration

    One-click integration allows you to synchronise e-days calendars with local calendars such as Outlook, Gmail etc.

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Sickness management

Record, monitor and manage sick leave with online forms, automated alerts and integrated absence tracking.

  • Sickness recording

    Instances of sickness absence can be logged by managers, HR teams or other such personnel.

  • Individual records

    Absence records provide a historically accurate record of all unplanned absence against user profiles.

  • Bradford Factor tracking

    Automated Bradford Factor scoring tracks staff absence and alerts managers when trigger points are exceeded.

  • Custom forms

    We can create any custom forms required so you can manage absence in accordance with your current absence processes.

  • Self-certified medical forms

    Integrated medical forms allow staff to document sickness absence, providing a time-stamped record against user records.

  • Return-to-work forms

    Online return-to-work forms allow managers to document sickness instances, improving the efficiency of the return-to-work process.

  • Automated alerts

    Set up email notifications to alert HR when specific unplanned absence types are recorded and approved by line managers.

  • Open ended absence

    Log sickness instances as 'open-ended' absence and set manager alerts if absence exceeds specified duration.

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User dashboards

User dashboards provide employees and managers with a detailed overview of real-time information, actions and alerts.

  • Self-service access

    User dashboards are accessible 24/7 from any PC, mobile or tablet device via personal password protected login.

  • Bradford Factor tracker

    Bradford Factor scores can be displayed graphically on each dashboard if required, providing staff with a clear understanding of the organisations pre-set trigger point.

  • Entitlement record

    Dashboards display entitlement balances for each staff with the option to track flex leave bought and sold and any holiday accrued.

  • Calendar displays

    Dashboards provide staff with an accurate snapshot of absence activity over a 3-year period.

  • Personal data

    User dashboards allow you to store basic HR data such as phone numbers, home addresses and emergency contact details for each employee.

  • Overtime & TOIL

    Dashboards provide a snapshot of overtime and TOIL records, broken down by used, earned and remaining entitlement.

  • Manager alerts

    e-days alerts managers of sickness absence, upcoming holiday absence and outstanding requests across their team.

  • Manager records

    Managers have full access to staff records for all employees who report to them.

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Absence reports

Reporting features provide management with detailed insight into absence trends:

  • Reports dashboard

    Provides managers with a graphical overview of absence trends, sickness rates, cost of absence, % time lost, Bradford Factor scores and more.

  • User reports

    Generate instant reports on staff working patterns, entitlement records and Bradford Factor scores across locations, teams and departments.

  • Absence type reports

    Run reports on specific absence types to better understand the cause and impact of absenteeism across your organisation.

  • Entitlement reports

    Provides managers with a detailed breakdown of used, taken and remaining holiday allowance across teams and departments.

  • Scheduled reports

    Schedule any system report to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis and subscribe to receive exported report via email.

  • Data export

    All absence reports can easily be exported into CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel or to feed into payroll and other HR systems.

  • FCA holiday compliance

    Entitlement reports can be used to ensure staff take 10 days consecutive leave according to FCA guidelines.

  • Manager records

    We can create custom reports that extract any data needed for your specific requirements. Enquire for more details.

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Set-up & integration

e-days is configured to work the way you do and can be integrated with your current HR systems:

  • Remote set-up

    As a web-based system there is nothing to download or install, meaning e-days can be set up remotely, typically within 7-10 working days.

  • Data upload

    We set up your system so it's ready to go out the box, uploaded with your staff data and configured according to your current working practices.

  • Administrator training

    Upon set-up, we provide personal online training to your system administrators via WebEx web conferencing.

  • User licences

    Access to e-days is delivered on a per user basis, providing the flexibility to scale the system to meet you exact requirements.

  • Personal login

    Individual user logins provide secure access from any internet enabled device, ensuring absence data remains private and secure.

  • Single sign on (SSO)

    e-days can be configured to work using your company network login, allowing staff to access e-days when they sign in from their desktop.

  • System integration

    e-days can be integrated to work seamlessly with HRIS, time & attendance, ERP and payroll systems such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and more.

  • Calendar integration

    iCal feeds allow you to synchronise e-days calendars with any web-based calendars such Outlook, Google Mail etc.

  • 99.8% uptime

    Super-fast connections to the internet provide customers with a highly responsive system with 99.8% uptime guaranteed.

  • Secure hosting

    Fully-hosted on dedicated e-days-owned servers with full security and system back-up to ensure the highest level of security.

  • Advanced security

    e-days is securely managed with data encryption, multi-level password protection, dual firewall security and more to ensure your data remains protected.

  • On-going support

    Our UK-based support team provide on-going telephone and email support for any questions or queries you have.

To learn more about set up and integration, contact us or call +44(0)115 950 0101


Custom configuration

e-days can be configured to suit your own absence policies and working practices at the click of a button:

  • Minimum staffing rules

    Specify minimum staffing levels across teams, department or self-defined groups to prevent staff shortages.

  • Multi-level authorisation

    Assign primary and secondary authorisers for each employee, automatically redirecting authorisation duties when managers are absent.

  • Multiple calendar years

    Set different calendar years to individuals and e-days calculates used/remaining entitlement balance accordingly.

  • Public holidays

    e-days allows you to input different public holidays by country and set up rules for working patterns.

  • Cross-functional teams

    Create specific, cross functional project work groups and teams with sight over each other’s absence calendars.

  • Additional users

    Purchase user licences for new staff at click of a button and set up new user profiles in minutes.

  • Staff Leavers

    Convert staff to 'leavers' in e-days and securely store their records indefinitely for future reference.

  • Corporate branding

    Personalise your system with your organisations logos, corporate colours and custom URL to access system.

  • Cover staff

    Our 'covered by' option allows you to assign other members of staff as cover for periods of absence.

  • Flex leave tracking

    Upload any bought and sold holiday leave from your flexible benefits systems into e-days and display against individual records.

  • Multi-language

    Multi-language functionality allows e-days to be used in French and German with the option to translate into other languages if required.

  • Teams & departments

    Specify unlimited number of teams and easily define workflow control for each user to reflect working practices.

For more information about custom configuration, contact us or call +44(0)115 950 0101