e-days banner - the online absence manager and staff holiday planner
e-days banner - the online absence manager and staff holiday planner
e-days banner - the online absence manager and staff holiday planner
e-days banner - the online absence manager and staff holiday planner
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Absence management and staff holiday planning

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Employee holiday planning features

e-days Absence Management system allows your organisation to book time off in just a few clicks.

e-days self-service nature makes the process of holiday management simple. Your team can fill out their holiday booking form, view holiday entitlement and check in on shared team calendars. All of which save valuable time and money when planning and managing annual leave.

Every organisation is different and needs a flexible system tailored to their needs, that's why e-days absence management software can allow the addition of specific company prcesses, such as carry over, trainings days, weekend working, bank holidays and TOIL & overtime.

Sickness leave management features

e-days allows HR teams to easily record, track and report on when a member of staff is off sick, saving time on sickness management

You can customise any part of e-days sickness management system to fit the needs of your organisation. Sickness tracker alerts and reporting tools allow you to handle your teams absence, track over cost and monitor any absence trends.

By removing the need for spreadsheets, paper forms & phone calls, e-days provides a more efficient system for an unavoidable administrative task such as sickness management.

Employee absence tracking features

You can replace time-consuming manual absence management processes and maximise productivity by simply tracking leave with e-days.

With e-days you can track holidays and sickness, as well as time off in lieu and overtime. Our sophisticated reporting technology helps you monitor absence trends and prevent absenteeism more efficiently without disrupting your team.

This makes for a more productive and proficient working environment for you, and your team.

Absence management benefits for your organisation

Holiday planner benefits

e-days holiday planner creates a self-service cloud based hub for booking, tracking and measuring your organisations holiday requests.

The user dashboard allows employees to see their holiday balance and booking time off in one simple to use place, meaning no more back and forwards emails querying holiday allowances!

When an employee books through e-days, an email is automatically sent to their authoriser for one click approval or rejection.

Sickness Management benefits

e-days provides all the tools you'll need to manage staff sickness in just a few clicks. Our system helps identify absenteeism occurrences & trends and acts as a deterrent to sick leave as staff are aware their absence is being monitored.

e-days’ sophisticated reporting tools allow you to measure the cost of staff absenteeism and identify any attendance issues with personnel. In extreme cases, absence tracking data can be essential in giving managers and HR teams the insights needed to take remedial action to combat absenteeism.

Increasing productivity & efficiency

e-days provides a more accurate solution with a simpler to use interface for tracking staff leave, not just compared to paper and spreadsheet methods but also other less intuitive systems on the market.

e-days currently helps more than 180,000 users in over 1000 organisations around the world, making their absence management and tracking processes more efficient and user friendly, leading to a marked increase in productivity and a decrease in the cost of absence.

Staff absence management and holiday planning features

Custom absence forms

Create online forms to track employee absence and manage return-to-work processes.

Bradford factor scoring

Bradford Factor scoring is automated and highlights staff absence trends and issues at an early stage.

Email approval

One-click authorisation allows managers to approve staff absence requests direct from email.

Online absence requests

Submit staff absence and holiday requests online and e-days automatically notifies managers.

Single sign on (SSO)

Manage staff absence easily with direct access to e-days directly from your company network login.

Minimum staffing levels

Manage absenteeism at work with specified minimum staffing levels across teams and groups.

Overtime and TOIL

Track staff absence, Overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) against individual employee absence records.

Outlook integration

Synchronise e-days staff holiday calendars with applications like Outlook and Gmail.