Absence management and staff holiday planning

Employee holiday planning features

The e-days staff holiday planner provides an accurate, easy-to-use online tool for staff to book holidays.

e-days consolidates the process of booking staff holidays by providing employees with self-service access to holiday booking forms, entitlement balances and shared calendars. With e-days, organisations are able to manage and track employee leave more efficiently, helping to save administration time and resource.

Flexible holiday planner functionality allows for company processes such as carry over, training days, weekend working, bank holidays and part time workers - all customised to work the way you do.

Sickness leave management features

e-days staff absence management allows managers and HR to easily record when staff are off work due to sickness.

Online staff absence forms can be customised to meet your organisations requirements can be used to securely store a time-stamped absence record for each employee. Sickness alerts and powerful absence management reporting tools allow organisations to manage employee absence, track the cost of absence and monitor staff absenteeism trends.

e-days absence management software removes the need for spreadsheets, paper based forms and telephone calls, replacing them with a more efficient online, self-service staff absence management system.

Employee absence tracking features

e-days absence management helps organisations track staff absence online, replacing time-consuming manual absence management processes in order to maximise staff productivity.

The staff absence management system tracks staff holidays and sickness absence, as well as time off in lieu (TOIL) and overtime.

Powerful absence reporting provides a bird’s eye view over staff absence, allowing managers and HR to monitor employee absence trends and track staff absenteeism more efficiently with zero office disruption, resulting in significant improvements to staff absence management process efficiency.

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Absence management benefits for your organisation

Save time and simplify staff holiday booking and absence management

e-days staff holiday planner is ready to go directly from your web browser, providing self-service access for easy staff holiday booking and absence tracking. Employees can view holiday entitlement, manage staff absences and measure absenteeism rates all online.

All employee absence requests generate an automated email notification to managers with a one-click authorisation process. All approved absences are automatically updated on shared absence calendars and can easily be synchronised with email applications including Outlook and Gmail.

The system streamlines workforce absence management processes by simplifying holiday requests and approvals, instantly updating employee holiday entitlement and automatically tracking staff absence records. This significantly reduces the administrative burden on managers and HR.

Reduce staff absenteeism and deliver cost savings

On-demand information with e-days transforms staff absence management into a transparent company-wide process. e-days helps highlight staff absenteeism, often discouraging employees from taking frequent unplanned - and sometimes unnecessary - time off work.

Powerful employee absence management reporting tools allow organisations to monitor employee absence trends, measure the cost of staff absenteeism and identify personnel with attendance issues. Real-time absence tracking data gives managers and HR the insight to take remedial action to measure work related absenteeism.

With e-days staff holiday planner and employee absence management software, staff absenteeism is reduced, morale is improved and workforce performance is increased.

Increase productivity and improve employee absence management

e-days absence management software delivers a simpler, more accurate solution to tracking staff holidays and absences compared to spreadsheet and paper-based methods.

More than 700 organisations worldwide are using e-days for more efficient employee absence management. The easy-to-use software requires no user training, providing staff with direct access to real-time absence information to increase operational efficiency and staff productivity.

With e-days, all absence management processes are online and underpinned by email; removing the need for time-consuming absence management paperwork and phone calls.

Staff absence management and holiday planning features

Custom absence forms

Configure online forms to track employee absence and manage return-to-work processes.

Bradford factor scoring

Automatic scoring highlights staff absence issues, helping to manage absenteeism at work.

Email approval

One-click authorisation allows managers to approve staff absence requests direct from email.

Online absence requests

Submit staff absence and holiday requests online and e-days automatically notifies managers.

Single sign on (SSO)

Manage staff absence easily with direct access to e-days directly from your company network login.

Minimum staffing levels

Manage absenteeism at work with specified minimum staffing levels across teams and groups.

Overtime and TOIL

Track staff absence, Overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) against individual employee absence records.

Outlook integration

Synchronise e-days staff holiday calendars with applications like Outlook and Gmail.